What to see and do in the Algarve

Benagil  Algarve Portugal

In the Algarve, the southernmost part of Portugal, with its beautiful beaches, wonderful countryside and world-famous golf courses, one enjoys an average of 300 days a year of sunshine. It is one of the highest rated holiday destinations in Europe. Enjoy the diversity of nature, taste the delicious Portuguese cuisine and fine wines.

There is so much to do and to discover in the Algarve, that one holiday is certainly not enough to see it all. Below you will find a selection of ideas for trips, activities and sights in the Algarve.

Algarve, world travel award 2013
The Algarve is the winner of the World Travel Award for "best beach vacation in Europe" !


It only takes a couple of hours to fly to Faro, the airport of the Algarve, from any place in Europe. Budget flights with Ryanair, Transavia or Easyjet may take you here on a small budget. The Algarve has a good infrastructure. It is never more than 1 hour by car to reach the airport.  If you want to see Lisbon, it takes around 2 hours if you take the A2 toll road.

The Algarve can be divided into 3 regions: The Litoral - this is the coastal area, The Barrocal - the plains between the coast and the mountains, and the Serra - the mountain ranges of Monchique and Caldeirão in the north of the Algarve.

Tips for Trips in the Algarve

cork tour Algarve

Cork Tour in São Bras de Alportel

Always wondered where the cork in your winebottles came from? Get an answer in São Bras de Alportel where you can book a guided tour of the factory and more.You can choose between several tours. The shortest one is a 45 minute tour of the cork factory for €11,50 p.p. The biggest one is including museum, factory, cork plantation, drink and sweets and costs €44 p.p. All info and booking informtion on the website www.eco-corkfactory.com 

tips for trips Algarve, outdoor activities

Outdoor activities near Monchique

Choose between several exciting outdoor activities, such as guided walks, downhill mountainbiking, canoeing, climbing and abseiling, paintball or a combination of these. All activities take place around Monchique. There are also special activities for children. Have look at Alternativtour for all information and prices.

Sardine Museum Portimão

The Museu de Portimão is located near Clube Naval at the Arade river and shows how the sardines were canned in this town. Very interesting! There are also several other expositions. 

Click here for location and opening hours.

Stand up paddel boarding Algarve

Adventurous Water Activities 

Pick your favourite or choose a mix of Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) and Coasteering. Two exciting new and trendy outdoor sport activities that will make an unforgettable memory.

You can do SUP at the rocky coastline between Sagres and Lagos OR on a gentle river near Aljezur on the westcoast.  Coasteering can be done in the Sagres-Lagos area.

Detailed information and prices can be found at Coastline Algarve

Fishing trips Albufeira

Fishing Trips by boat

Have a look at the different possibilities for fishing in the Atlantic Ocean near Albufeira. Choose between reef fishing, shark fishing, big game fishing or deap sea fishing trips.  More info and reservations at Wish and Fish.

flor de sal Algarve

Tour of the salt pans

Make a reservation for a guided tour of the salt pans and see how the precious "flor de sal" is being harvested in the Algarve.

More information on this in the blog article "Flor de Sal - White Gold of the Algarve".  For reservations call 00351 289793601 or mail to tours@marisol.biz

Olijfolie plantage, olive oil plantation Algarve

Olive Oil Tasting

Find out how Extra Virgin olive oil is produced. Book a guided tour of the plantation and the mill with a tasting in Moncarapacho. Opening days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9.00 to 12.00 a.m. Approximated duration of tour: 75 minutes. For reservations: Tel: +351 289 79 04 40, email: viveiros@monterosa.pt  

Read all about Olive Oil in the blog article: "Portuguese Olive Oil - Amongst The Best Of The World". 

Capela dos ossos Alcantarilha, chapel of bones

Capela dos ossos in Alcantarilha

This fascinating chapel was built in the 16th century with more than 1500 human skulls and bones. It might seem creepy at first, but visitors report that it gave them a peaceful feeling to be there. The chapel can be found next to the Parish church in the historical centre of the village.

tips for trips Algarve, Krazy world zoo

Krazy World in Algoz

Lovely small zoo in Algoz, north of Guia, with swimming pools, mini golf and shows. A great day out with the kids!  Tickets can be bought online with a reducton: www.krazyworld.com

Donkey walks in Monchique 

Experience an enjoyable and relaxing time at the pace of a donkey, strolling through beautiful paths and crossing small streams or ascending to the top of Picota mountain, where you will be rewarded by a magnificent view over a huge part of the Algarve. 

One of the ways this donkey shelter is financed, is to offer unique walks with happy donkeys. There are several walks to choose from described on the website: https://project-sanctuary-happy-donkeys.jimdofree.com/donkey-walks/    

Salt mine in Loulé

Recently the salt mines in Loulé are open for public. It is now possible to visit this impressive and interesting site with a tour guide. The 2 hour tour at a depth of 230 meters, costs €25 p.p. and €15 for children. The temperature here is 23 degrees Celcius, so wear the proper clothing. The mine is open from Monday to Friday. You need to make a reservation to book the tour

nature tourism Algarve

Nature tourism West Algarve

Get into contact with nature, as well as with culture.  Make a carriage ride, go trekking, book a thematic tours, do some yoga or enjoy a wine tasting. Check out all possibilities on the website of Quimera Experience. For reservations: 969467275.

Tips for trips Algarve, Sitio das Fontes, Estombar, Lagoa

Sitio das Fontes, Estômbar

This place is a well guarded secret and to make it extra interesting: it is free! Go for a swim in the wonderful clear and cool natural water of Sitio das Fontes. This place is situated on the left bank of the Arade river on a terrain of 180.000 m2. You will find here special flora and fauna as well. There is a playground for the kids, signposted footpaths with fitness exercises on the way. You will not find any bars or restaurants here, but one can use the communal BBQ facilities and there are plenty of picknick tables.

From Estômbar you follow the signs to the primary school. Follow this road over a bridge. Then you see a brown sign with the text "Sitio das Fontes". Coming from Silves you take the road direction Lagoa/Carvoeiro and take the exit Silves Estação. At the first roundabout you follow direction Estômbar. After 3 km you see the brown signs that show the way to "Sitio das Fontes".

tips for trips, Zoo Marina, Algarve

ZooMarine in Guia

Discover the mysteries of the oceans in the best family park of the Algarve. There are shows with dolphins, seals and sea lions, with tropical birds and birds of prey. There is also a beautiful aquarium with sharks and other fish, a 4D cinema, entertainment and swimming pools. Zoo Marina can be found at the N125 - Km 65 - in Guia.  There is also a possibility to swim with dolphins! On the website you can buy tickets online with a reduction: www.zoomarine.pt

tips for trips Algarve, outside activities

Parque Aventura

These parks are recommended on a hot summer day, because you can be active under the shady trees. The parks offers several paths between the trees as well as a paintball area with natural obstacles. There are challenging games and paths on several heights. Located in Albufeira, Lagos, Figueira da Foz and Vila Real de S. António. More info on the website parqueaventura.net

Cabo S. Vicente, Sagres, Algarve

Sagres and the "end of the world"

In the old days people thought that the world ended at this most southwestern point of the European mainland.

Enjoy the wind, beautiful views, the rough wild waves hitting the rocks and visit the lighthouse of Cabo São Vicente.

tips for trips Algarve, water parks

Water Parks 

Cool down and have fun in one of the water parks of the Algarve. Slide and Splash (www.slidesplash.com) and Aqualand (www.aqualand.pt) are the big ones. Tickets can be bought online with a reduction.

tips for trips Algarve, swimming

Swimming in a reservoir

Go for a swim in one of the beautiful and empty reservoirs (barragems) in the Algarve. Often you will have the whole lake to yourself, because hardly anybody knows and the Portuguese don´t like to swim! There is no beach, so you will have to improvise a little. The water has drinking quality.

Alte, Fonte Grande, Algarve, Portugal


A beautiful authentic village in the district of Loulé. Just outside the village itself you find Fonte Grande. This is a great place to stay for a few hours on a hot summer day. The natural water is nice and cool, the big trees provide shade, there are BBQs to be used by everybody, as well as picnick tables. Alle you need to bring are charcoal and food. There is also a bar to buy cool drinks and icecream.

trips for trips Algarve, markets


Visit one of the traditional markets in the Algarve and taste the atmosphere. For the locals the monthly market day is a special day out where they meet friends and have some grilled chicken or meat. Here you find a listing of all the market days.

tips for trips Algarve, hiking


Follow the wonderful routes of Ecovias, Via Algarviana or Rota Vicentina and enjoy everyting the Algarve has to offer on the way.

tips for trips Algarve, medieval festival

Medieval Festival

Each year in August the Medieval Festival is orgianized in Silves. This is a special event that you should not miss! The whole centre of the historic town is turned into the atmosphere of long ago. The stalls, the merchandise, the shows, food and drinks... everything is in style and one can even rent a costume to melt in.

tips for trips Algarve, Armona island

Armona island

This beautiful piece of nature in the Ria Formosa National Park can be reached only by ferry or river taxi from Olhão. Enjoy the unspoilt beaches and nature, the birds and a lovely lunch.

tips for trips Algarve, Monchique


The highest point in the Algarve is the Foia - 902 m.  The drive up there goes through the village of Monchique, which is very pretty. From the top you have panoramic views over the Algarve, all the way to the sea. This trip is best on a hot summer day, because on the mountain it is usually a lot cooler.

town of silves, Algarve


This charming and sleepy town can be seen from a distance, because of the ancient Castelo dos Mouros on top of the hill. From here you can enjoy spectacular views over the Algarve. Furthermore there is a beautiful Cathedral from the 13th century and the Museo Municipal de Arquelógia is worth a visit too.  It is also possible to go by boat from Portimão to Silves over the Arade river.  

golf in the Algarve


The Algarve is one the the best golf destinations of the world! There are many golf courses in this area to choose from. For detailed information of the different courses have a look here.

beach Algarve
beach Algarve
Beach Galé, Algarve
Algarve beach

The Beaches

The Algarve is loved for its astounding variety of beautiful beaches.  Do not expect a tropical beach with white fine sand. The beaches here have golden sands that range from crunchy to fine as dust. Most of the beaches have the Blue Flag eco label. For safety reasons you will find the following flags on the guarded beaches:

Green flag  -   swimming permitted

yellow flag  -  swimming forbidden

red flag  -  swimming AND entering water forbidden

blue/white checkered flag  -  beach is temporarily unattended

Between the Spanish border and Faro you will find golden strips of sand backed by sand dunes. The water at the eastern end of the Algarve is normally a few degrees warmer as it is edging closer to the Mediterranean.

The further you head west you are more likely to find interesting sandstone rock outcroppings and cliffs with caves that back the beaches. From Lagos to Sagres the scenery becomes more dramatic as you go through national park territory and there is a mix of sheltered coves and long sandy bays all along the coast.

Then there are the beaches on the West coast.  Here it is generally more windy and cooler. The beaches are rougher, the waves higher and it is a lot less touristic here. The West coast is very popular with surfers!

Every beach is individual in its character. There are hundreds to discover, so go out there and find your own favourite one.


According to ancient Greek sources, the original inhabitants of the Algarve were people of the Cunetes and Celts. Around 1300 before Christ the Cunetes got company of the Phoenicians, a people of the Mediterranean. They presumably founded trading posts along the coast at Tavira, Faro, Portimão, Silves and Lagos. The biggest influence they may have left is the shape of the traditional Portuguese fishing boats, that almost look Greek.

Throughout history, the Romans, Teutons and the Moors had the power in this region. The latter were here for at least 500 years as off the year 711. Their influence is still very noticeable, for example the chimneys on the Algarvese houses, the dark faces of many people and the places that often start with "Al". It were the Moors that gave the Algarve its name: "Al-Ghrab" which means "the West". For the Moors this region was in the extreme west of the areas they conquered.

It is also because of their influences that the Algarve is so different from the rest of Portugal. From the 11th century the Christians tried to conquer the country back on the Muslims, but it took until 1248 before Silves was finally recaptured. Aljezur was in 1250, the last fortress where the Muslims were expelled.

In the 15th century, Portugal was under the spell of seafaring and discovery. They sailed from Sagres in the Algarve, the south-westernmost part of Europe, under the guiding hand of Infante Dom Henriques (Prince Henry the Navigator). His famous ships were built in Lagos and Portugal was soon one of the major players in the exploration of Africa and Asia.