Do You Know These Remarkable Facts About Portugal?

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Some of these facts about Portugal you may have heard about before, but you probably do not know all of them......

  1. Cape St. Vincent is the most southwestern part of Europe´s main land. In its fortress was a seafaring school during the golden era of exploration. 
  2. Portugal was the first global maritime power during the 15th and 16th century. Henry the Navigator and Vasco da Gama are some of the best known names of that time.
  3. Portugal is a surfers´paradise. It is famous for the best and the highest waves.
  4. Macon in China was a Portuguese colony until 1999 !
  5. Drugs are "decriminalized" here since 2001. Since then the number of drug addicts has been halved!
  6. The first prepaid telephone card was produced in Portugal - in 1995.
  7. Fado - the beautiful soulful ballads from Portugal - are on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.
  8. Including the maritime area, 95% of Portugal is water!
  9. Portugal has the oldest borders from Europe. They exist since 1139 !
  10. Portugal and England have the oldest diplomatic relationship of the world! It dates back to 1373 and is called the Aliança Luso-Britânica
  11. Portugal is the largest producer of cork. It accounts for more than 50% of the world´s cork production.
  12. Lisbon is older than Rome (4 centuries older!). 
  13. The English tea ceremony was introduced to England by Catarina de Bragança, who married King Charles II of England. T.E.A. = Transporte de Ervas Aromáticas! That is the name impressed on those boxes that Portuguese used to trade tea. Chá (Portuguese for tea) is one Portuguese word based on the Cantonese word tchá.
  14. Portuguese is the 6th world language. More than 261.000.000 people speak it and it is the official language in 9 countries.
  15. Algarve is considered the golf capital of Europe.

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