Nature in the Algarve from January till December

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Nature is very present in the Algarve. There is a great biodiversity here and even in the middle of the summer, there is always a green background, wherever you look. One of the things that I instantly loves, was the smell here. The air is filled with aromas of wild herbs and flowers.  Nature has something new to offer every month:

January:  oranges are ripening, almond trees blossom.  
February:  Mimosa flowers
March: pear and plum blossom, lavender flowers, frogs, toats and swallows appear, the first cuckoo´s call announces spring
April:  esteva (rock rose) flowers, poppies, daisies, orchids and wildflowers are abbundant.  Orange trees blossom and release their perfume.  The loquat (nespera) fruit is ready to eat.  The bee-eater is busy.
May: time for the snales (caracois), apricots are ripening, pomegranate and olive trees flower.  Wild herbs and many wild flowers. 
June:  oleander starts to bloom, nectarines and peaches are ready to be eaten. Cork harvest.
July:  cork harvest.  Ground vegetation is dry now.
August: carob pods harvest (alfarrobas), aromatic inula, figs, grapes.  
September: pomegranates and almonds can be harvested
October:  olives and medronho (strawberry tree fruit) are ripening. 
November:  chestnuts, fungi, olives and medronho are gathered after the first autumn rains.
December:  bermuda buttercup, crown daisies, nespera blossom, medronho flowers

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