Saint Martin - Chestnuts And New Wine

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Saint Martin, the very popular Saint who became Bishop of Tours in France in the year 371, was buried on the 11th of November 397. According to the most widespread variation of the legend, Saint Martin cut off half of his cloak in order to offer it to a freezing beggar. As he faced a long ride in a freezing weather, the dark clouds cleared away and the sun shone so intensely that the frost melted away. Such weather was rare for early November, so was credited to God's intervention.

In Portugal the phenomenon of a sunny break to the chilly autumn weather is called Verão de São Martinho (Saint Martin's Summer) in honor of the cloak legend.  


Saint Martin´s day is celebrated on the 11th of November across the country. Families and friends gather around the fire in reunions called magustos, where they typically eat roasted chestnuts and drink jeropiga (drink made of grape must and firewater) and agua-pé (a sort of weak and watered-down wine). It is also the day to taste the new wine for the first time.

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