The best souvenirs to buy in the Algarve

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It is always nice to bring home something to remind you of a place you have visited.  If you have spent some time in the Algarve, then I am sure you had enough opportunities to make some unforgettable memories.  Here you will find a list of some of the best genuine souvenirs you can buy here. 


1.  An "Assador de Barro"  -  This is a typical clay dish, used to BBQ sausage like the famous Portuguese chouriço right at the table.  You just pour some alcohol or a typical aguardente from the Algarve, like Medronho, in the dish. Then place the sausage on top and light the alcohol.  After a few minutes your are ready to enjoy a great treat.


2. A Cataplana -  This is a copper clam shaped pot to make great stews with fish, seafood and/or meat.  Not cheap, but it will last a life-time!  


3. A "Galo de Barcelos" - The Portuguese rooster is a symbol of honesty, integrity, trust and honor and also recognized as an unofficial symbol of the country. Its legend is so old no one knows exactly how it started. The most known version tells that a pilgrim from Galicia was passing through the town of Barcelos on his way to São Tiago de Compostela in Spain and was accused of a crime. As a last request before he was hanged, he asked to appear in front of the judge one more time to declare his innocence. He pointed to a roasted rooster on the table and said: "As sure as I'm innocent, so will that rooster crow!" The judge didn't believe him and ordered his immediate execution. But when the man was about to die in the gibbet the dead rooster stood up on the table and crowed. The pilgrim was immediately set free and went his way in peace. Some years later he returned to the town of Barcelos and built a monument in honor of São Tiago and the Virgin Mary.


4. Cork items - The outer bark from the Sobreiro (cork oak tree) is harvested by hand every summer in Portugal, especially in the south.  Various products are made from it, such as wallets, handbags and even clothes and shoes. Read all about cork elsewhere in this website.


5.  Medronho -  This is the typical "firewater" from the Algarve.  It is a spirit made from the fruit of the Strawberry Tree and very popular with the locals.  Make sure you get your hands on some good stuff. The best quality can usually be obtained "under the counter".  Ask your local Portuguese friends.... they will know.  


6.  Honey  -  Local honey from the Serra (Mel) is of a very high quality, because of the great bio-diversity of the flora in the area. You can get some at one of the local farmer´s markets.


7.  Piri-Piri  -  Some like it hot!  The best piri-piri sauce, made from the little red hot peppers, can be bought at the local farmer´s markets. 


8.  Chouriço or Linguiça  -  These are two of the best known sausages of Portugal.  Here in the south, often made of "porco prêta" (black pig), which is a very high quality meat. They are spiced with ground paprika, white wine, garlic and salt.  

9.  Hand-painted Pottery -  There are lots of local pottery shops that sell beautiful dishes with traditional decorations. Most ceramics can be used in the oven and are safe in the dish washer. 


10.  Olive oil  -  Get some good "azeite" while you are staying in Portugal.  Lovely in your salad dressing!  A good quality azeite would cost between 5 and 10 Euro per liter.


11  Wine  -  Slowly, the underrated Portuguese wines are gaining more recognition worldwide and win price after price. If you look for "regional" and "DOC" appellations, you will be certain to get excellent value for your money. Many of the regional wines in Portugal are a bargain compared to the prices by French and Italian competitors. 


12.  Embroidered linen -  The art of embroidery is still very popular among the Portuguese women. Beautiful! Buy them in a local village shop or fair.


13.  Oranges -  They are being sold all over the Algarve and they are the best oranges of the world. Juicy and sweet and very cheap!
14.  Liqueurs -  They make some great ones here in the Algarve. Try the almond, fig or mint one.....  


15. Flor de Sal -  the "flower of salt" is the top layer of the salt pans you can find on the shores of the Algarve. This is the very best quality salt you can buy and considered a delicacy.

So stroll around this beautiful part of the world and find your favorite souvenirs while you discover all that the Algarve has to offer. Check out  to find the 15 best things to see and do while staying here. Enjoy!


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