The Chocolate Casino

Posted by Marianne Hoesen on Saturday, October 17, 2015 Under: way of life

If you visited Portugal before, you probably will have noticed these machines on the counter of local bars and cafes. These gambling machines are to the locals what the Casino is for the city dwellers. There are machines that give you a chance on winning some extra cash, there are others that have more or less useful items to win, such as pocket knifes, lighters etc.  


And than you have my favorite kind of gambling machine:  the chocolate casino! And here are my 5 reasons why it is the best:

First of all:  it only costs €0,50 to take a chance
Second: you get to turn the mechanism yourself
Third: you always win, so there are no losers!
Fourth:  the price is always in chocolate!  So I am never really disappointed
Fifth:  There is this odd chance, that you win a really BIG one! It even happened to me about 4 times so far....


He who refuses the small is not worthy of the large......  Anyway, this type of Casino always makes me smile!

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