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Speaking about wine, most people do not make a direct link to Portugal. The wines from this country are 
relatively unknown in the world, but nevertheless Portugal is the 7th largest producer of wine in the world!

Besides the white, red and rosé wines, we have a few extras here: There is port wine (a wine fortified by adding Brandy), there is Madeira (fortified wine from the island of Madeira), we have Moscatel (a liquerous wine from the Setúbal Peninsula) and then there is a Vinho Verde (a sparkling very young wine). So much to choose from!

One of the most wellknown wine regions in Portugal is the Douro. This is the origin of Port wines and a very beautiful wine-growing area. Since the 1990s there are also some great smooth, dark, red wines made in this region, that received international recognition. Other important wine regions are Dão, Palmela and Alentejo.


Vinho Verde deserves an extra mention. It comes from the Minho region in the north of Portugal and is a very refreshing, spritzy, young wine. Low on alcohol (9%) and properly chilled, it is especially lovely in the summertime.

Slowly, the underrated Portuguese wines are gaining more recognition worldwide. If you look for "regional" (under €10) and "DOC" (under €20) appellations, you will be certain to get excellent value for your money. Many of the regional wines in Portugal are a bargain compared to the prices by French and Italian competitors. We are so lucky to live here!  If you want to read more about Portuguese wines visit the website

Whatever wine you will buy, just make sure there is a
real cork inside!  Cheers!  or in Portuguese: À nossa saúde e que as nossas mulheres nunca fiquem viúvas" (To our health and may our wives never become widows! )


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