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You found a place in the Portuguese sun, you want to call your own? Follow these steps to buy a property in Portugal:

  • Agree on the price with the seller
  • Get a Personal Fiscal Number (Numero Fiscal de Contribuinte) from the local Tax office (Finanças). You only need proof of identity to get one if you are from a member state of the EU. If you are from outside the EU, you need a Fiscal Representative for this.
  • Contact a solicitador (does conveyancing, has no degree) or advogado (lawyer with a Dr. title) to help you with the process. He/she will collect all necessary papers and make sure that the property is registered and free of all liens. Choose an independant legal representative to make sure your best interest is being taken care of. 
  • Open a bank account in Portugal.
  • Have your lawyer draw up a Promessa de Compra e Venda (Promissory Contract).
  • Pay the agreed deposit (10-20%) and agree on a date to complete the purchase. The deposit is non-refundable! If the seller does not keep his side of the bargain, he must repay double the deposit value.
  • For completion of the sale (Escritura Publica de Compra e Venda) you sign the deed at a Notary or give power of attorney to your legal representative to sign on your behalf. Also this is the time to pay the balance of the purchase price.
  • The contract has to be registered at the Land Registry Office (Conservatoria do Registo Predial) and the local Tax Office. Usually your legal representative will do this. Now you are the official owner of the property.

What does it cost to buy a property in Portugal?

  • A lawyer charges about 1,5 % of the selling price
  • Stamp Tax - 0.8% of the selling price
  • The Transfer Tax (Imposto Municipal sobre Transmissçao Onerose de Imóveis - IMT) depends on the selling price as well as on the fact if you will use the property as your residency or not. If you are coming to live here and register as a resident, these are the numbers:  
    • until € 92.407 - 0%
    • until €126.403 - 2%, with a deduction of €1.848,14
    • until €172.348 - 5%, with a deduction of €5.640,23
    • until €287.213 - 7%, with a deduction of €9.087,19
    • until €574.323 - 8%, with a deduction of €11.959,32
    • Over €574.323 - 6% flat rate
    • For non-permanent occupation, the amounts for deduction are lower.
    • For land only it is 5% and for urban property, not for habitation, it is 6,5%

What documents do you need?

The owner of the property needs to provide your legal representative with the following documents:

  • Certidão de Teor from the Conservatoria do Registo Predial (Land Registry) - valid for 6 months
  • Cadernetta Predial from the Tax Office - valid for 1 year
  • Licença de Habitação from the Council (Camera) for houses built after 1951. If the house (or ruin) is older you need a document from the Camera that states this and exempts you from a habitation license.
  • Ficha Tecnica de Habitação for houses built after 30.03.2004
  • Energy certificate (valid for 10 years)

Good to know:

  • If the property costs less than €236.000 AND you are resident in Portugal, you may claim exemption of Local Council Tax (IMI) for up to 7 years. You have to claim this within 60 days after purchase at the local Tax Office.
  • Although your legal representative will check the legal title of the property, it is recommended that you make sure that papers and reality are matching. Make sure you know where the borders of the property end. It is very important that the property is registered at both the Conservatoria do Registo Predial and the Finanças (Fiscal Office) in the name of the seller and that it does not carry any onuses or liabilities.
  • If you buy rural land - prédio rustica or misto(urban in rustic land) - the neighbours have priority in buying this land. Make sure they have been given this opportunity by the seller, before you buy.
  • Land and buildings have seperate tax documents.
  • If the buying process is very straight forward and there are no doubts on the legal status of the property, then it is also possible to skip the lawyer and notary office. You can go to Casa Pronta at the Conservatoria do Registo Predial. There they do all the checks a lawyer normally does and if all documents are correct, you can sign the deed right at their office. The Head of the Conservatoria acts as a notary. All fees are paid there and then and the only thing left to do is go to the Finanças afterwards with the purchase document and have it (for free) registered at the Tax Office. This procedure is a lot cheaper.

Properties for sale in the rural central Algarve and south Alentejo

Cosy renovated cottage near São Marcos da Serra

Cottage for sale S. marcos da Serra
house for sale Sao Marcos da Serra

Casa Amora (Blackberry Cottage) is a charming house with 100 m2 which was renovated a few years ago. It is located near a very quiet, tarmac road in the countryside, just 6 km from São Marcos da Serra. The house features quality wooden windows with double glazing and fitted mosquito-netting. Most of the walls are built in "taipa" (rammed earth). The high ceilings are made from traditional eucalyptus and pine.

The living/kitchen area has a large wood-burner and a fitted kitchen unit . The bedrooms have solid oak floors. The large master bedroom has an en-suite shower room. The second, smaller bedroom has an en-suite with a bathtub and a mezzanine.

Outside there is a plunge pool with shallow end for children. The covered terrace is perfect for outside dining and there is a large brick built BBQ. There are grape vines, olive, fig and pomegranate trees on the plot of 3500 square meters. There is sufficient parking space near the house for several cars.

There is a registered ruined building behind the house, which can be rebuild. The water tank (cisterne) is located on the highest point of the plot, thus creating enough water pressure to use water without the need of a pump. There is a traditional "nora" (well), complete with water wheel in front of the house. The plot is connected to the mains electricity.

Asking price: €180.000

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Charming cottage with 2.6 hectares of land near São Marcos da Serra

cottage for sale in rural Algarve


Set in a lovely green and peaceful rural area at 10 minutes drive from the authentic village of São Marcos da Serra, this small cottage with 2.6 hectares of land is for sale.

The property has good access. The last few kilometres are over a well-maintained gravel road. The house has its own water source (a well) and is connected to the mains electricity grid. There is a very good mobile internet connection. A solar system provides hot water water. The house itself consists of 1 bedroom with ensuite shower room, lounge, large and bright kitchen and a half open porch. There is a separate workshop with a terrace on top of it. The property has various plots of flat, fertile land. Furthermore, there is some woodland with cork oaks, a fenced piece of land with barn, formerly used for donkeys and lots of fruit trees.

Serarately there is a portacabin with a lounge/kitchen area with woodburner, shower room, 2 bedrooms and a terrace.

Price: €160.000

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Quinta with 9.5 hectares of land in Fitos

quinta for sale rural Algarve
house for sale central Algarve

In the tiny little hamlet of Fitos, belonging to the parish of Santana da Serra and just over the border with the Algarve, this farmhouse with 9.5 hectares of land is for sale. The house is set in a lovely rural, elevated location, offering beautiful views on the countryside. The house is 167 m2 on a urban area o 292 m2.

The house currently has 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 dining room, kitchen with utility room, smoking room with breadoven and extra kitchen, bathroom, storage room and garage. There is a large covered terrace over the length of the house. The house is connected to the mains electricity. Water comes from a private borehole, a well and a barragem (dam). There are several patches of fertile land for growing vegetables etc. 

Separately, there is an old little house of 78 m2 to be renovated. This building is attached to 2 neighbour´s buildings, but none of these buildings are used for habitation.

Price: €260.000

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9 Hectares of land with ruin in Santana da Serra, near Fitos

Just across the border to the lower Alentejo, near Fitos - Santana da Serra - there is a 9 hectare property with 100 m2 ruin for sale.

Although the property is close to the IC1, it offers lots of privacy and tranquility. From here you have beautiful views over the green hills around. You can even see Monchique in the distance. Next to the ruin, there is an authentic traditional bread oven. There is a natural spring in the bottom of the valley of the plot. There is electricity nearby and very good mobile phone signal.

Price: €103.000

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Old traditional farm house set in 11 hectares land in Benafatima, São Marcos da Serra

In the rolling hills of the countryside of Benafatima, São Marcos da Serra, this traditional quinta with 11 hectares of land is for sale.

This property benefits from easy access to the M542, mains electricity, large plots of fertile land with olive trees and a vineyard. There is a nice baragem (dam), as well as a posso (well) for water supply. From here you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views. There is a huge round watertank situated just above the house, that could make a nice pool. 

The house needs renovation andconsists of a kitchen, living room, dining room, 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a smaking room, various storage rooms and stables. 

Price; €150.000

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Traditional Portuguese farmhouse with 4.58 hectares and 2 ruins, near São Marcos da Serra

A few kilometres from the village of São Marcos da Serra, you may buy this traditional farmhouse set in 4.58 hectares of land. Furthermore there are 2 registered ruins of 112 and 125 m2, to be rebuilt for habitation. There is a dam (baragem) and a well which supplies the house with water. The property is connected to mains electricity. The house consists of 2 bedrooms, a living/dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom and utility room. The house may be expanded to 260 m2, 

From here you have wonderful panoramic views over the countryside. The plot is located near a railway. However, there are only very few electric trains passing here per day and the plot is on a higher level.

Price: €260.000

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Lovely plot with ruin with 8 hectares of land in the peaceful countryside of São Marcos da Serra

land with ruin, rural Algarve
ruin with land S. Marcos da Serra

A few kilometres from the village of São Marcos da Serra, there is this lovely plot of 8 hectares with a ruin to be rebuilt for sale. It is located in the area of Vale Grou de Cima. The ruin has an urban area of 320 m2. The horta measures 1600 m2. There is a well and a natural spring on the property. Electricity is nearby.

This location offers optimal privacy and tranquility in a beautiful rural area. The ruin is located in an elevated position from where you have beautiful views. 

Price: €69.000

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Ruin with 3.84 hectares of mainly flat land at walking distance from the village of São Marcos da Serra

Just outside the village there is a lovely piece of land of 3.84 hectares for sale. The land is mainly flat. The ruin is set on the most elevated location of the property, offering wonderful views on the serra and the village. There is a well for water supply and there is mains electricity. The ruin of 183 m2 is in an urban area of 320 m2. 

Price: €95.000

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land with ruin, Sao Marcos da Serra
land with ruin for sale, central Algarve

27 hectare plot with small house between Fitos and Pereiras in remote location


land for sale Santa Clara
land with house Pereiras

This plot can be found between Pereiras and Fitos, in a peaceful and remote rural location. The total area is 27 hectares. The largest part of the plot is terraced. In a project there were lots of cork oak trees planted in 2004, which will bring extra income in the future. There is a well in the vegetable garden and a baragem (dam) for water supply. 

The small house is located in at medium height. From the surrounding hills you have beautiful views on the serra, all the way up to Monchique. There are no direct neighbours, so you have maximum privacy. It is approximately 4 km to Perieras and not far from the Santa Clara lak. The plot can be seen at Google maps: 37.456858, -8.403066

Price: €169.000

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Refurbished farmhouse near Saboia, Odemira

house for sale, Saboia, Odemira

Near the small village of Saboia in the lower Alentejo, there is a renovated farmhouse for sale with beautiful panoramic views over the countryside. Look at the video to see the view.
The plot is 538 m2 and the house measures 105 m2. Access is easy with just a short dirt track leading up to the house.

The location is peaceful, rural and very private. The house is at walking distance from the village of Saboia and in a few minutes you reach the village of Santa Clara a Velha by car.  Saboia has a train station. The large Santa Clara lake is closeby, as is the west coast with its beautiful beaches. You reach the southcoast within 45 minutes.The property benefits from mains electricity, a telephone landline, very good internet connection suitable to watch TV over IP and great reach with mobile phones. There is a borehole for water supply.

In the garden there are several fruit trees and many plants, shrubs and flowers. There is a large covered terrace from where you may enjoy the lovely views. There is an above-ground swimming pool.
The house has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom with toilet, washing basin, bath with overhead shower. There is double glazing, roof insulation and the walls are made of taipa (rammed earth) which ensures a good climate inside the house. There are 2 wood burners to keep the house warm in winter.

Price €140.000

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Large plot of land with ruin to be rebuilt in Fitos - Santana da Serra

Ruin for sale Santana da Serra

Just north of the border with the Algarve, there is 6.95 hectares of rural land with a ruin to be rebuilt. The location is very quiet and rural, but not far from the tiny hamlet of Fitos (Santana da Serra) and with easy acces from the IC1. There are 2 barragems (dams) on the plot and a horta for growing vegetables etc. There is electricity very close to the ruin. There are beautiful country views all around.

The plot with the ruin is 6,95 hectare and the second plot, on the other side of the road, measures 9.575 hectares and has many cork oaks trees and medronho bushes, which will provide an extra income.

Price: €80.000

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Large townhouse in the centre of São Marcos da Serra

house for sale Sao Marcos da Serra
house in village Algarve for sale

Right in the centre of the authentic little village of São Marcos da Serra, this spacious, semi-detached, townhouse is for sale. The plot measures 254 m2 and the house is 190 m2 large. The property is connected to water, sewage and electricity.

On the ground floor, right at the entrance, you will find the former butcher shop, complete with marble counter. Then follows a small living room with a stairway to the second floor. Further, going a few steps down, you have 2 small bedrooms, a kitchen and a working space next to it. The back door leads to a back yard with bathroom, various storage facilities, covered terrace and a gate to the road on the back of the property, from where you have a beautiful view on the countryside. On the second floor there are 3 large bedrooms. The floors are from wood.

Price: €97.500

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Situated just over the border from the parish of São Marcos da Serra, in São Barnabé, there is a cottage with 2.55 hectares of land and ruins for sale. The house needs work done, but the roof is in good condition and there is a concrete ceiling. The left part of the house has been used as a large smoking room with bread oven. The larger, right part of the house consists of an entrance hall with 4 rooms. There is no bathroom.

There is electricity and telephone connection. The water well was destroyed and needs rebuilding. There is a large piece of fertile flat land at the bottom of the plot. On the other side of the quiet tarmac road is the other part of the plot, with 2 ruins.The road where the house is located at, is a very quiet tarmac road. The hamlet of Azilheira has a local café and hosts a monthly market.

Price: €49.000

Cottage with land and ruins near locality of Azilheira - São Marcos da Serra

house near Azilheira, S. Marcos da Serra
house S. Barnabé, Almodovar