Useful Information

Every country has its own rules and its own way of life. Here is some information that might come in handy while you are visiting Portugal.


Traffic drives on the right.  Safety belts must be worn at all times by all passengers, whilst motorcyclists must always wear helmets. Specific legislation is in force banning the use of mobile phones while driving, except when using hands-free equipment. When driving, the maximum level of alcohol permitted in the bloodstream is 0.5 grams/liter. 

There are 24-hour service stations in main urban centres, as well as on motorways and main roads. Other petrol stations have variable opening hours. Maximum speed limits for passenger vehicles without trailers and motorcycles:

  • In built-up areas: 50 km/hour
  • On main roads: 90 km/hour
  • On clearways: 100 km/hour
  • On motorways: 120 km/hour

The A22 motorway is a toll road with electronic stations.  Every time a car passes by a toll booth on Algarve A22, it's identified by its licence plates and a toll charge is generated. Here is all the information you need:


Emergency / SOS - 112 (free - also in English and French)

Faro Hospital - 289 891 100

Lagos Hospital - 282 770 100

Portimão Hospital - 282 450 330

If you require medical assistance, you should go to the local Health Care Centre (Centro de Saúde). The Hospital Emergency Services must only be used in serious cases.

Make sure you have your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) with you.  You can get one from your health insurance provider.


In Portugal you pay in euros. There are plenty of cash machines, marked 'MB' – Multibanco. You can withdraw €200 per day. Many shops accept credit and debit cards.


The time is the same as in London - Greenwich (GMT).  So it is 1 hour earlier than in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, etc.


This is the website of the Comboios de Portugal in English: