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You found a place under the Portuguese sun, you want to call your own? Follow these steps to buy a property in Portugal:

  • Agree on the price with the seller
  • Get a Personal Fiscal Number (Numero Fiscal de Contribuinte) from the local Tax office (Finanças). You only need proof of identity to get one if you are from a member state of the EU. If you are from outside the EU, you need a Fiscal Representative for this.
  • Contact a solicitador (does conveyancing, has no degree) or advogado (lawyer with a Dr. title) to help you with the process. He/she will collect all necessary papers and make sure that the property is registered and free of all liens. Choose an independant legal representative to make sure your best interest is being taken care of. 
  • Open a bank account in Portugal.
  • Have your lawyer draw up a Promessa de Compra e Venda (Promissory Contract).
  • Pay the agreed deposit (10-20%) and agree on a date to complete the purchase. The deposit is non-refundable! If the seller does not keep his side of the bargain, he must repay double the deposit value.
  • For completion of the sale (Escritura Publica de Compra e Venda) you sign the deed at a Notary or give power of attorney to your legal representative to sign on your behalf. Also this is the time to pay the balance of the purchase price.
  • The contract has to be registered at the Land Registry Office (Conservatoria do Registo Predial) and the local Tax Office. Usually your legal representative will do this.  Now you are the official owner of the property.

What does it cost to buy a property in Portugal?

  • A lawyer charges about 1,5 % of the selling price
  • Stamp Tax - 0.8% of the selling price
  • The Transfer Tax (Imposto Municipal sobre Transmissçao Onerose de Imóveis - IMT) depends on the selling price as well as on the fact if you will use the property as your residency or not. If you are coming to live here and register as a resident, these are the numbers:  
    • until €9.2407 - 0%
    • until €126.403 - 2%, with a deduction of €1.848,14
    • until €172.348 - 5%, with a deduction of €5.640,23
    • until €287.213 - 7%, with a deduction of €9.087,19
    • until €574.323 - 8%, with a deduction of €11.959,32
    • Over €574.323 - 6% flat rate
    • For non-permanent occupation, the amounts for deduction are lower. For land only it is 5% and for urban property, not for habitation, it is 6,5%

What documents do you need?

  • Certidão de Teor from the Conservatoria do Registo Predial (Land Registry) - valid for 6 months
  • Cadernetta Predial from the Tax Office - valid for 1 year
  • Licença de Habitação from the Council (Camera) for houses built after 1951
  • Ficha Tecnica de Habitação for houses built after 30.03.2004
  • Energy certificate (valid for 10 years)

Good to know:

  • If the property costs less than €236.000 AND you are resident in Portugal, you may claim exemption of Local Council Tax (IMI) for up to 7 years. You have to claim this within 60 days after purchase at the local Tax Office.
  • Although your legal representative will check the legal title of the property, it is recommended that you make sure that papers and reality are matching. Make sure you know where the borders of the property end. It is very important that the property is registered at both the Conservatoria do Registo Predial and the Finanças (Fiscal Office) in the name of the seller and that it does not carry any onuses or liabilities.
  • If you buy land only (prédio rustica) the neighbours have priority in buying this land. Make sure they have been given this opportunity by the seller, before you buy.
  • Land and buildings are have seperate tax documents.
  • If the buying process is very straight forward and there are no doubts on the legal status of the property, then it is also possible to skip the lawyer and notary office. You can go to Casa Pronta at the Conservatoria do Registo Predial. There they do all the checks a lawyer normally does and if all documents are correct, you can sign the deed within a week right at their office. The Head of the Conservatoria acts as a notary. All fees are paid there and then and the only thing left to do is go to the Finanças afterwards with the purchase document and have it (for free) registered at the Tax Office. This procedure is a lot cheaper and faster.

real estate for sale in the central Algarve.

Beautifully restored quinta in the countryside near Santana da Serra

for sale, Santana da Serra
Monte Novo, Santana de Serra

Beautifully restored Portuguese quinta, set in a 3 000 m² plot with an abundance of olive and fruit trees and a well-maintained mature garden. There is a 8 x 4 m swimming pool with stone-coloured mosaics, reflecting the natural unspoilt Alentejo countryside.

The traditional quinta was built to withstand the heat as well as the cold, providing a comfortable environment in tranquil surroundings. The house has many home comforts whilst retaining its traditional charm and style. It located 1 km along a dirt road, from the authentic village of Santana da Serra which is situated in the south-central Alentejo, just north of the Algarve. It is very well positioned, with easy access from the IC1, the secondary route between Lisbon and Albufeira.

The house has 3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 of which is an ensuite), a large kitchen/dining area with wood burner, a separate living room with open fireplace, covered terrace with BBQ area and a large pool terrace. The garden is mature and well maintained. There is mains electricity, water from a borehole and good mobile phone reception.

Asking Price: €255.000

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Cottage with land and ruins near locality of Azelheira - São Marcos da Serra

house near Azilheira, S. Marcos da Serra
house S. Barnabé, Almodovar

Situated just over the border from the parish of São Marcos da Serra, in São Barnabé, there is a cottage with land and ruins for sale. The house needs work done, but the roof is in good condition and there is a concrete ceiling. The left part of the house has been used as a large smoking room with breadoven. The larger, right part of the house consists of an entrance hall with 4 rooms. There is no bathroom.

There is electricity and telephone connection. The water well was destroyed and needs rebuilding. There is a large piece of fertile flat land at the bottom of the plot. On the other side of the quiet tarmac road is the other part of the plot, with 2 ruins for rebuilding. 

Although the A2 motorway can be seen in the far, there is hardly any noise involved. The road where the house is located at, is a very quiet tarmac road. The hamlet of Azilheira has a local café and hosts a monthly market.

Price: €49.000

Newly renovated cottage in the countryside -  sao marcos da serra

House for Sale Sao Marcos da Serra, Algarve
Vale Grao, Sao Marcos da Serra, Algarve

Lovely newly renovated cottage in the countryside just 5 minutes outside of the pretty village of São Marcos da Serra and all ready to move in right away. This house is for the largest part built in taipa (rammed earth) and renovated into an airy, modern and comfortable home. The house is very well insulated and has double glazing. All materials used, as well as the technical and electrical work performed, are of a very high quality.

The house is protected by a covered terrace on the south and the west side. In the summer this keeps the house really cool. No need for air conditioning. In the winter the fireplace offers enough heat to keep the house comfortably warm. The living surface is approximately 110 m2 and the total plot is 7960 m2. There is a large vegetable garden just on the other side of the quiet road. There is also the water well which provides the house with water. There is a connection to the mains electricity. Telephone line is nearby.

The house has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 utility room, spacious living/dining room, fitted kitchen with electric oven, electric hob, large fridge, dishwasher. On the other side of the house there is a large storage room, that might be turned into an extra bedroom. There are terraces on 3 sides of the house, 2 of them covered. Gated entrance. Access is easy and completely on tarmac roads. Here you can enjoy peace and quiet and breathtaking panoramic views on the countryside.

Extra: all furniture, including TV and fridge, is included in the price!

Asking Price:  €195.000

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4.7 Hectares of land with ruin to be rebuilt near São Marcos da Serra

On a beautiful location, next to a quiet tarmac road, there is a property with 4.7 hectares of land and a ruin to be rebuilt.  The ruin is a bit up-hill and from there you may enjoy unspoilt views on the surrounding serra. There is mains electricity and telephone nearby. There is a well for water supply and a small dam (barragem) as well.  Across the road there is a large vegetable plot with surrounding woodland next to the little stream. 

Price: €60.000

Authentic watermill with several buildings - sao marcos da serra

watermill for sale, Sao Marcos da Serra, Algarve
Watermill with equipment, Sao Marcos da Serra, Algarve

In the quiet countryside of the central Algarve you can find this special plot.

There are several buildings on the plot, including an authentic water mill which was in use until a few years ago. The buildings cover a total of 244 m2 and the total plot is 1840 m2.

The antique equipment used to make flour, is included in the sale. This is the only watermill in the whole council of Silves. It is situated next to the river Odelouca, which runs through São Marcos da Serra.

There is electricity and water (private well) available. Besides the buildings, there is a garden with many olive trees, some peach trees and grapes.

The plot is set in the quiet countryside of Boião, 8 km from the village of São Marcos da Serra in the central Algarve. There is very good access from the IC1 national road connecting Lissabon and Albufeira.

For more information on the parish of São Marcos da Serra, please have a look at

Price: € 54.000

Renovated windmill and miller´s cottage - sao marcos da Serra

Windmill for sale Sao Marcos da Serra, ALgarve
Windmill with cottage for sale Sao Marcos da Serra, Algarve

This stunning Windmill located in a remote very quiet area near the pretty village of São Marcos da Serra in the Algarve has been lovingly renovated to a high standard using the original stone and has exceptional views over the Algarve countryside.

The interior ground floor has a bathroom, kitchen, wood burning stove and round grind stone dining table. The upper floor contains the original mechanisms of the windmill, a large bedroom and access to a deck balcony from which sunrise and sunsets can be enjoyed.

Next to the windmill, the original cottage ruin has been renovated to create two semi-detached cottages. Using the same materials as for the windmill and in keeping with local building styles this house features the original stone structure, sourced antique doors and windows, an outdoor deck balcony at the front with uninterrupted views of the valley and a terraced cottage garden with mature cork trees.

There are some smaller ruins on the land which were originally used for livestock and could be transformed into small terraces or further living space. There is great potential for this property to be used either as a unique holiday getaway, a rental retreat, or tourism business.

Facilities: Water is delivered by truck and currently capacity onsite is for 7000 litres (7 tanks of 1000 litres each). There are also plans to create a catchment tank using runoff from the roofs. Electricity runs on solar power and generator. Cooking and hot water is run on gas bottles. It is possible to get an internet connection with a USB stick and there is good mobile phone reception in the area.

Surrounding plants and environment. Trees surrounding the property include eucalyptus, pine, cork, fig and cistus among others. Landscaping around the windmill and cottage has created terraced spaces using the natural rock and plants such as oleander and cactus, which are well adapted to the climate.

Estimate of property size Land included in the property is of about 1000m2. The ground floor space of the windmill is approximately 15m2 with a fitted kitchen counter, fitted wooden seating, sink and small wetroom bathroom consisting of a toilet, sink and shower that hangs over the toilet. The second floor of approximately 15m2 is up a flight of original stone steps leading to a mezzanine with a wooden floor and a wooden outdoor upstairs deck/balcony of a further 10m2. In this space all the original mechanisms of the windmill are still featured.

The ground floor space of the cottage with two separate residences is approximately 100m2 altogether. Both have mezzanine areas and one includes a deck/balcony of approximately 10 m2. Residence A has an L-shaped living area downstairs with a kitchen and living room. Upstairs there is a mezzanine sleeping area to one side and a bathroom to the other. Residence B has a similar L-shaped living area with kitchen and living room and a bathroom downstairs. Upstairs there is a sleeping area and access via walkway to an outside deck/balcony of approximately 10m2 which takes in the panoramic views across the mountains.

There are a further couple of ruined structures on the land, probably originally intended for livestock, of approximately 6 m2 each. 

Access requires a 4 -wheel drive car since the road is steep.

Price: €165.000

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