Countless beautiful beaches .....  Dramatic coastline ..... Surprising and authentic hinterland ..... Impressive culture ..... Hospitable and friendly inhabitants ..... Great diversity of nature and landscape ..... A very pleasant climate ..... Clean air ..... A lot of peace and quiet and .....Lovely food and fantastic wine for a very good price

That is why Everybody Loves Portugal!!

The Algarve is the southernmost part of Portugal and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the south and west sides. There is a whopping 205 kilometers of coast in total! The name Algarve comes from the Moorish Al-Gharb (the west).

With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, it is a wonderful place to stay. But there is much more! Not only is this region famous for its internationally awarded golf courses and its beautiful, striking coastline with cliffs and the most beautiful beaches, but you can also enjoy culture, beautiful flora and fauna, various activities, gastronomic surprises and warm hospitality. In short:

The Algarve has something to offer for everyone!

A few kilometers inland from the touristic south coast, the foothills of the low mountains that separate the Algarve from the Alentejo begin. Here everything and everyone slows down. The rustic charm of this versatile and enchanting landscape acts like an oasis from today's hectic busy life. The country roads that meander through the hills invite you to take a walk or bike ride. Peace prevails here. In the silence you can hear the bees buzzing and if you are lucky you will meet a shepherd walking his flock of sheep and goats. The air is pure and full of scents of wild herbs. Life is good here.

Why to the hills of the Algarve and Alentejo?

To put it briefly, you have the best of both worlds here. While living in an original, natural, peaceful environment, it is also never far from the tourist attractions and beaches of the Algarve and Alentejo. In half an hour you are already in Albufeira and in an hour on the west coast.

This is where the good old days still exist. People in the countryside often still live a very traditional life. You will find people sitting in front of their house enjoying the sun and some women just walk in to the local cafe in the morning in their dressing gown for a cup of coffee. People are friendly and helpful and still have time for a chat. There is no stress here, there are no traffic jams or traffic lights, no paid parking. Here in the hills of the Algarve you usually have a detached house on a large to very large plot and therefore a lot of peace and privacy. Plenty of reasons to choose this region.

Here you enjoy the pleasures of remoteness, with space and privacy in comfortable, laid-back surroundings, away from the crowds. 

Find your own place in rural Algarve

It is not without reason that the Algarve has been the most famous secret spot in Europe for years and is very attractive for those who want to leave the busy and hectic life in Northern Europe behind.

On this website you will find a range of plots, quintas (farms) and a number of houses for sale in the rustic, green hills of the Algarve and just over the provincial border in the southern Alentejo. Find your own rural retreat for slow-living in this beautiful part of Europe and discover the pleasures of remoteness, while you enjoy social distancing at its best.