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When it comes to moving to a new country, there is a lot that must be done. There is probably a lot that you’re moving for, as well. Portugal is home to many activities, events, beautiful places and friendly people. Moving here can be a great step for anyone who wants a new life in a country where people are friendly and there is plenty to do day or night. 

Why Move to Portugal

Portugal is, simply put, one of the most fascinating countries to live in. Whether you are looking for a home near the coast or maybe in more rural areas, there are homes ranging from simple and affordable to luxury. This means that whatever your budget may be, there is ample opportunity to find the perfect home to live in.  With a wide array of housing choice and many things to do around the country, you will find a great deal of fun can be had when you want to step out and relax or get to know the local area.

Those that have an adventurous side to them can make use of the hiking trails in the wild south-west of Portugal, a beautiful and rather unknown region where visitors enjoy nature in many ways. Relaxing on a beautiful beach with the wind in your hair and the sand between your toes is another ideal reason to move, as Portugal has some of the best shoreline you may ever see. While swimming or surfing are surely popular pastimes, many also enjoy stand up paddle boarding as well as exploring coastal caves and many other fun activities. Whatever strikes your fancy, you can find within Portugal. When you commit to a long-term move, you can take time to enjoy these great things for years to come. 

How to Get Your Items There

While some expats move with little more than a backpack and a dream of a more relaxed lifestyle, others choose to bring along household goods and other personal property. When you hire an international moving company, it can help cut down the overall stress involved with such a large move. While most visitors to Portugal don’t have a dire need for a personal car during their stay, there are a few who opt to have a car shipped over for their use when they plan to stay long-term or don’t necessarily enjoy taking public transit. Public transportation is however, affordable and easy to find in most major cities and large towns throughout Portugal. Due to shipping expenses, it is often advised to sell or donate items to cut back on what must be shipped. If you plan to have your items shipped, you will need to have the following documents ready for customs. 

Declaration of Goods - In Portuguese 
Permit or Home Ownership Deed
Valued Amount of Goods
Serial Numbers of All Major Electrical Appliances

When it comes time to move to Portugal be sure to take a little time getting to know the area you are interested in so you can find a great home that fits your budget as well as your lifestyle. Try to get out and meet some of the locals when you move so you won’t feel isolated or homesick. Learning the language is going to be important. While at many places English is spoken, you may be at a loss for conversation if you can’t understand Portuguese. This is a big move to make, and it can be one of the best you may ever make, especially once you get to know people and find your way to and from the many places of interest in your new local area. 

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