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Although the Portuguese drink a lot more wine than beer, they still consume an average of 49 liters of beer per person per year. In general most people drink their cerveja straight from the bottle, and that is the way it tastes best, preferably freezing cold! If you prefer a draft beer, you have to ask for an Imperial (regular size glass) or a Caneca (large glass mug). 

There are bottles of 20 ml (mini) and 33 ml (media).  Most Portuguese drink the mini´s, a success among consumers because of it small size and constant freshness. What is the best beer of Portugal?  Ask this question in the north of the country and most people will tell you that is Super Bock.  But if you ask the same question in the south, most people will vote for Sagres.  The best advise is to try both of them and make up your own mind.

Super Bock is made north of Porto by Unicer Bebidas. Unicer also produces Cristal beer as well as Carlsberg and Tuborg. The first Super Bock beer left the brewery in 1927! Super Bock proudly holds the leading position in the market. It is the sponsor of music events such as the Super Bock Super Rock. It also sponsors the football clubs of Sporting and Porto.

Sagres beer was born in 1940 as a prestige beer and was the first beer to be exported. The brewery is near Lissabon. In 2007 Heiniken took over control of the Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas. They also produce Luso and Heinkiken. Sagres has a long term sponsorship deal with the Liga Portuguese Futebol and also sponsors the football clubs of Benfica, Braga, Olhanense and Académica Coimbra, plus the Portuguese national team.

The "normal" Sagres and Super Bock beer is a so called Pale Lager. But both breweries also have a dark beer (Stout with Super Bock and Preta with Sagres), a low-alcoholic fresh beer for summer (Green for Super Bock and Radler for Sagres) and also some special beers (Abadia with Super Bock and Bohemia with Sagres). They also both have a non-alcoholic beer. So more than enough to choose from! And for the price you don´t have to leave it be. A media beer you can get for as little asf €0,90 and a mini for €0,70.

Cheers! or as the Portuguese say: A Nossa! And if you want more, just ask for "mais uma, por favor" (another one please)

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